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Style Link: Everyday Casual Jewelry Pieces

Over the last year or so, fashion has been all about casual looks. But though fashion trends have turned casual, style-setters aren’t wearing any less jewelry. In fact, the casual fashion trend seems to have had an opposite effect-- everyday jewelry has become more popular than ever before. 

While the uptick in casual jewelry wear may seem counterintuitive to some, we think it makes perfect sense. During a year when people have been largely limited to wearing casual clothing, jewelry offers an easy (and fun) way to add style and personality to any outfit. 

Thankfully for those who are enjoying mixing up their casual looks with jewelry, 2021’s jewelry trends feature plenty of pieces that look incredible with laid-back ensembles. And, below, we’re featuring some of our favorites. Read on to discover the year’s top trending everyday jewelry pieces. 


Stacked Rings 

Stacked Rings

Ring stacking has been trending for a few years and this wonderfully customizable jewelry trend is still going strong. Though, in 2021, we’re starting to see more variation within the trend. In years past, barely there minimalist rings (like ultra thin yellow gold or rose gold bands) were the dominant styles used for stacking. Now, however, variety rules. We’re seeing petite diamond rings join the ring stack party, along with eternity bands, gemstone styles, and larger scale rings of all types. And while yellow gold is still poised to be the most popular precious metal for 2021, silver is coming back. That’s probably welcome news to those who have a white gold or platinum engagement ring or wedding band. Sterling silver, white gold, and platinum fashion rings that match your bridal set will finally be back en vogue. 


Layered Necklaces 

Layered Necklaces

Necklace layering is another ongoing everyday jewelry trend that’s continuing to thrive in 2021. Necklace layering is essentially the neckline version of ring stacking, so it seems fitting that fashionistas are still loving both of these versatile, expressive jewelry trends. Just like with the stacked ring looks that are popular this year, we’re seeing more variety in the layered necklace arena. Chunky chain necklaces, dainty pendants, vibrant gemstone pieces, sleek sterling silver herringbone chains, and classic diamond necklaces are all welcome additions to layered looks in 2021-- as is essentially any other necklace that inspires you. 


Initial & Nameplate Necklaces


Initial and nameplate necklaces are classic pieces that are booming in popularity in 2021. True to the versatile energy of the year, more than one way to wear these personalized pieces is currently trending. There’s the Sex and the City throwback option of using a personalized necklace as a simple statement piece. Rocking just a personalized necklace with a t-shirt or dress is a cute, 2000s-inspired way to sport the trend. There are also some updated styling takes you can try, such as mixing in an initial piece with a layered necklace look or choosing to adorn a nameplate necklace with a word that’s meaningful to you. 


Bold Chunky Necklaces 


Bold chain necklaces started trending in a big way last year and, this year, they’re getting even bolder. Large scale chunky chain necklaces are trending, as are chunky chain necklaces with a bit more bling, like cuban link chokers dripping in glittering gemstones. Bold ways of wearing chunky chain necklaces are also trending. Last year, the trend was to wear a chunky chain necklace alone or to pair it with more delicate necklaces. Now, we’re also seeing style-setters layer up on bold chains to create edgy, eye-catching looks. 

Mask Chains 

The mask chain is, undoubtedly, a very 2021 trend. Now that face masks are a big part of everyday life, more and more people are looking for ways to make them work with their personal style. For jewelry lovers, the mask chain is the perfect solution. A mask chain keeps your mask handy and/or secure, and it adds a little shimmer and detail to your look. Coronavirus safety measures, but make it fashion. 

Cocktail Rings 

The cocktail ring is a jewelry box staple that has never truly gone out of style. Like other highly classic pieces of jewelry, such as diamond studs and tennis bracelets, cocktail rings are timelessly beautiful and elegant. With that said, cocktail rings aren’t always used in more trendy looks, so it’s exciting that these boldly beautiful rings have come back in a big way this year. Seeing fashion-forward influencers and designers style cocktail rings is also refreshing. Dainty minimalist styles have dominated ring trends for quite some time, so pairing boldly beautiful cocktail rings with the season’s latest fashions feels fresh and unique. 

While cocktail rings traditionally accompany special occasion looks, this year we’re seeing them styled with all kinds of ensembles. Whether you’re going casual or upscale, a cocktail ring can be the elevating element you need. You can choose to wear a single cocktail ring and allow it to make a statement on its own. A single yellow gold cocktail ring provides an on trend statement when paired with yellow gold huggie hoop earrings, while a single gemstone cocktail ring offers a personal and vibrant look. You can also choose to incorporate a cocktail ring into a stylish ring stack. A large, stand-out cocktail ring can really anchor a stacked look, so consider seeing how one pairs with the stackable rings in your jewelry collection.


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