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A majestic collection of world famous peaks.  Stunning views that stretch all the way to neighboring countries.  Zermatt, Switzerland is clearly “the top” when it comes to the mountain experience.  And now the worldly winter capital lends its name to a collection of watches designed to take timekeeping to new heights. 

 “Zermatt” is a numbered, limited-edition five-time-zone collection of stunning men’s timepieces. Combining the creative extravagance of Los Angeles with the sophistication of Swiss savoir-faire, the watchmakers from IceLink are introducing a rectangular mechanical movement, ILMM1, that powers all five zones simultaneously.  The Zermatt collection caters to collectors; a limited edition collection with an assortment of ninety-nine, four-of-a-kind watches. Each timepiece will have a series number emblazoned on a unique case. A special one-of-a-kind ILMM1 mechanical movement powers all five time zones simultaneously, and setting one automatically sets the others.