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Style Link: Learning the Art of Necklace Layering

Much like creating a great outfit, creating an exceptional layered necklace look requires an artistic eye and some experimentation. It can take a bit of trial and error to come up with a jewelry combination you love, but the results you can get from a layered look are well worth it. Layering your necklaces allows you to express your creativity, personalize your aesthetic, and seriously elevate your style. 

While creating layered jewelry looks always takes a bit of experimentation, knowing some of the basic ways to create winning combinations can help you create looks you love much more easily. Interested in learning how to layer necklaces with style? Read on to discover the 9 styling tips that will help you master the art of necklace layering. 


1. Play with flat lays.

A great way to try out new layered necklace looks is by arranging different necklace combinations on a table. Playing around with all your options before you try them on is a fast and easy way to discover how you can create a layered look you love with your jewelry. 


2. Accessorize using 3 to 5 necklaces.

image of 3 necklaces stacked

You need at least three necklaces to create a layered look, but wearing more than five necklaces can easily look messy and overdone. That’s why stylists recommend wearing between three and five necklaces whenever you want to layer up. 


3. Use necklaces with different lengths.

Wearing multiple necklaces can look very messy if your necklaces are too close in length. This messy look can be caused by necklace tangling, which creates an actual mess. It can also be caused by visual clutter, which can happen when there’s not enough blank space in between strands. To avoid the messy look when layering necklaces, make sure to use different necklace lengths in your combos. A good rule of thumb is to make sure all of your necklaces sit a couple of finger-widths apart.

If you’re new to necklace layering and are still getting the hang of picking out lengths, consider starting out with a classic three-layer graduated look that includes a delicate choker, a short necklace, and a more bold long necklace. This is a beautifully balanced combination that’s always elegant and stylish.


4. Mix up your textures, shapes, lengths, and accent colors. 

When you’re playing around with different necklace combinations, remember to consider all the elements of your necklaces. Necklaces can feature different textures, shapes, lengths, precious metals, accent colors, and levels of sparkle. Try mixing and matching different design elements and see how various combinations of strands and baubles can add visual interest, personality, depth, and perspective to your style. 


5. Have a necklace extender on standby. 

Necklace extenders are fantastic styling tools that can open up a whole new world of necklace layering possibilities. Wish one of your necklaces was a little bit longer? Throw on a necklace extender. Want to play around with new proportions without having to buy new jewelry? Necklace extenders can help with that. Adding length to any necklace can really expand your styling options, so consider having a necklace extender or two on standby in your jewelry box.


6. Stick to one precious metal for cohesion. 

image of three silver necklaces

Here’s a tip that can help all of your layered necklace combinations look more cohesive: stick to just one precious metal. While we love a good mixed metal look, using multiple metals when you’re layering necklaces definitely makes striking the right styling balance trickier. But if you use just one precious metal, all of your pieces will have a common thread. A chunky chain link choker and a delicate pendant necklace don’t have much in common visually, but if they’re both yellow gold necklaces, they’ll look right at home together. The same goes for jewelry in other metals, such as white gold, rose gold, sterling silver, and platinum. When all of your jewelry is the same color, it can make your necklace composition come together much more easily. 


7. Know that pendants are optional. 

A pendant necklace can be a beautiful addition to a layered look. However, not every necklace combination needs a pendant. If you want to play around with more modern or minimalist styles as you layer necklaces, consider trying out some combinations that don’t include any pendant necklaces. Rocking a selection of simple, visually interesting chain link necklaces can look gorgeous, chic, and quite fashion-forward. If you want to go both minimalistic and luxe with your pendant-free layered necklace look, try incorporating some gemstone and diamond necklaces in with your chain necklaces to amp up the glamour of your combo. 


8. Incorporate a statement piece. 

image of gold necklace stack

Incorporating one statement piece can make your jewelry composition look both eye-catching and effortless. A statement piece, such as a necklace that features a striking accent color or a unique pendant, can add plenty of personality to your look. It will also act as a focal point, which will give your layered look balance and help bring the whole thing together. 


9. Think about your jewelry box when you shop for new necklaces.

Adding just one necklace to your jewelry box can help you seriously switch up your style-- as long as that necklace complements the other pieces in your collection. So, when you shop for any new necklace, think about how different pieces will work with the necklaces you already own. If you choose a fresh, exciting new design that will also pair well with other necklaces in your collection, you can enjoy rocking your new necklace alone and in an endless amount of layered looks. 


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