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Fashion Link: The Elevated Loungewear of 2020

Fashion in 2020 has been dominated by a trend no one would have predicted back in 2019: loungewear. It’s been a year of quarantining and social distancing, and we’ve all been in our homes so much more than usual. As many of us work and socialize from home, pencil skirts, heels, and fitted suits have taken a backseat, largely becoming replaced by t-shirts, leggings, hoodies, and sweatpants.

It’s been said that sweatpants are never stylish-- but fashionable women across the world have been proving that wrong in a big way in 2020. As we’ve seen from the chic looks worn by celebs and social media stars this year, there are many ways you can make loungewear fashion-forward, fun, and cool. And, below, we’re sharing some of our favorite ways style-setters have been elevating loungewear in 2020. 

Elevated Sweat Sets 

One of the most effortless ways to make a sweat set stylish is to simply wear a matching sweat set, which makes your look appear much more intentional and put-together. 

image of selena gomez in the kitchen

Image via@selenagomez

Selena Gomez wore a knitted cashmere sweat set when taping her at-home cooking show Selena + Chef, creating a casual yet elegant look. 


image of women wearing a sweat suit holding a mug

Image via@_jeanettemadsen_

Fashion influencer Jeanette Madsen shows how unexpected and fun a sweat set can be in this cheerful butter yellow pairing. 

Oversized Jackets, Sweats, and Sneakers

The vibe of the 80s and 90s is alive in the boldly casual fashion trend of accessorizing sweats with sneakers and an oversized jacket. 

image of women wearing a green trench coat

Image via@josephinehj

Danish blogger Josefine HJ goes all on styling her gray sweatsuit, pairing it with an oversized trench coat, a baseball cap, a small crossbody bag, sneakers, and three strands of pearls. 


image of women wearing black top and peach joggers

Image via@oliviafaeh 

Fashion and lifestyle blogger Olivia Faeh is business on the top, casual on the bottom in this playful outfit that features a black turtleneck, a blazer, a pair of salmon-colored joggers, and black high top sneakers. 

Color Blocking Loungewear Looks

image of women wearing lavender clothes

Image via@hoskelsa

Swedish model and current Victoria Secret Angel Elsa Hosk gives cotton candy vibes in this color blocked look, donning a purple sweatshirt, dreamy pink sweatpants, and pastel lavender sneakers out on the streets of NYC. 


image of women posing against a wall

Image via@vikyandthekid

Stylist Viky Rader adds some dimension to her color blocked sweats look, rocking a pair of peachy joggers with a seafoam green patterned shirt and crossbody bag. 


image of women posing with her hands up

Image via@hoskelsa

New York based model Elsa Hosk leans into the sweats color blocking trend again here, wearing a pair of lavender sweatpants and a cropped bubblegum pink sweatshirt. 

Trending Tie-Dye Loungewear 

Tie-dye has been a trend in and of itself this year, and it’s also a perfect way to infuse more fun into a loungewear look. 

image of women in a canoe
Image via@justinbieber

Hailey Bieber goes bright and matchy-matchy in this casual look, matching her green jacket, blue socks, and white sneakers to her green, blue, and white tie-dye sweats. 

Sweats Tucked in Boots

Seemingly inspired by Lady Diana’s iconic cowboy boot and sweatsuit look, tucking sweatpants into boots has been a big streetwear trend in 2020. 

image of women wearing an all white sweat suit with trench coat

Going all-white helps tie stylist Pernille Teisbaek’s ensemble together, making her creamy sweatshirt, trench coat, combat boots, and tucked-in sweatpants look effortlessly chic. 


image of women wearing a checkered trench coat
Image via@kristin_rodin

Swedish Instagram influencer Kristin Rodin’s elevated sweats look is cool and unique, featuring a gray hoodie, gray sweatpants tucked into black boots, a green baseball cap, and an eye-catching black and white houndstooth coat. 

Joggers and Heels 

High heels have definitely been a less popular choice this year, but they’ve still managed to wiggle their way into the loungewear trend. Some more adventurous fashion-lovers have been (literally and figuratively) elevating their sweats by pairing them with heels. 

image of women wearing a grey sweat suit with blue heels
Image via@slipintostyle

Instagram style maven Ellie, aka Slip Into Style, has fun with color in this look, pairing blue Bottega Venetia heels with her grey, blue, mustard, and neon orange sweats. 


image of women wearing sweat suit with heels
Image via@handonfire

A monochromatic color story lends a chic air to Fashion Buying Director Tiffany Hsu’s street style outfit, which features a cream-colored sweat set, cream-colored heels, a cream-colored fur coat, and a very pale pastel pink handbag. 


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