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IceLink Timepieces are without a doubt, one of the most exquisite timepiece endeavors since the history of watch-making, more formally known as Horology. IceLink’s R&D into the imaginary allowed Founder Andy Sogoyan to bring his dream to reality. With an invisible liquid called IceFuel®, IceLink diamonds appear to float across a field of fresh snow, sending mesmerizing sparks of sunlight out with each movement of the wrist. IceLink quickly became the go-to watch of movers and shakers in almost every industry, including a raft of celebrities who shared Sogoyan's affinity for all that is big and bejeweled. Simply put, it was the desire and passion to develop unique timepieces, each a work of art for the individual who plans to wear it.

In the IceLink kingdom, every individual exhibits strength and solidarity — Knowing this the first essential element which preserves and sustains the voyager’s mission. "Ice," like a Diamond, is a simple carbon formula which holds its strength and form and over time, expressing the endurance of every unique individual who wears IceLink’s jewelry and timepieces. As Andy Sogoyan says, “Keep Shining!"

To be Linked is an essential part of IceLink’s brand mission. We feel those who emblazon IceLink watches and jewelry, feel connected to the people they work with and the places they go to. The Traveler, The Entrepreneur, The Pilot, The Astronaut, The Business Mogul, and of course, You — no matter what you do #GETLINKED

Andy Sogoyan began to take note of renewed consumer interest in high-end watches, and he became intrigued with the idea of producing a gem-inspired version.  It was a natural linkage and progression, so he set out to create watches that could easily double as jewelry.  But he realized the timepieces needed to be as impeccably crafted on the inside as on the outside, and so began a long series of trips to Switzerland to study the craft of horology. The crossover into fine watchmaking was facilitated by Sogoyan's passion for the finest materials and meticulous finishing. 

It was also bolstered by his daughter Suzy's passion for the business.  For the past several years, IceLink has been very much a family affair.   Intrigued by the operations at the factory from a very young age,  Suzy would beg her father to let her come to work.   She quickly found her place in what at the time was a male-dominated environment, and literally grew up with the brand.  Today, with an M.B.A. from Woodbury University.  Suzy manages all brand development.

IceLink continues to evolve, surprise and delight both jewelry and watch aficionados everywhere.   Some consider the generous gems to be the icing on the cake of a fine Swiss-made watch, while others see the diamonds as the cake itself.   Either way, with IceLink, Sogoyan has created a gem of a timepiece for anyone who shares his belief that "life is too short not to shine."

IceLink's headquarters are now on Swiss soil,  but the brand will remain with the style and attitude of Sogoyan's adopted and much loved Los Angeles.