A Father-Daughter Enterprise

Founder Andy Sogoyan followed a somewhat unconventional path to watchmaking stardom —taking the road less traveled. Born in 1963 in Yerevan, Armenia in what was Historic USSR, he came from a long line of jewelers.   At the young age of only thirteen, he moved with his family to Los Angeles and began working in his uncle's jewelry store while attending Hollywood High School.  His uncle only made jewelry for women at the time, but Sogoyan offered to help him design a line for men as well.   Taken by the success of the line which was inspired by his Hollywood surroundings, and his craze for diamonds, Sogoyan embraced the talent that was in his blood and took his designs to the next level. watches and jewelry. 

It's not easy for a newcomer to make a splash in the traditional and rarefied world of fine watch-making, but that's exactly what IceLink did in 2007 when it unveiled its 6Timezone piece at Baselworld.  This iconoclastic model would soon become an icon, and shake up a notoriously staid industry, both literally and figuratively.  IceLink's creator, Andy Sogoyan, a jeweler by trade with a taste for all things extravagant, decided to suspend dozens of diamonds in one of the oversized watch's six dials.  One of the first famous fans of the 6Timezone "Snow" watch was Taboo from the infamous Black Eyed Peas' pop group, who landed the timepiece in hundreds of magazines and newspapers worldwide.   Sogoyan attributes an ever-growing list of aficionados to his willingness to take luxury to its pinnacle.   He has created diamond cell phones, tiaras, cufflinks, and of course, over-the top custom watches for the likes of sports figures and celebrities alike.

In the early '80s, his own jewelry manufacturing company, CA Links, Inc., would become one of the largest urban jewelry wholesalers in the world.   Taking design cues from the pop culture of the day (Sogoyan was a huge fan of Mr. T from "The A Team"), he began to think big and bold.   Sogoyan's exuberant pieces, exquisite materials and impeccable quality were met with enthusiasm. He embraced early hip-hop style, and his rope chains, anchors, and big flashy crosses were among the first to market.   Today, CA Links INC., the 10K CAL and 14KCAL products remain as a leader in the industry while Sogoyan's son Dino has taken the reins of the manufacturing side of all projects. We at IceLink Watch Company pride ourselves on the Sogoyan Signature touch embellishing pieces with flooded diamonds and stand out designs.