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I, Suzy Sogoyan, was 16 when my father started IceLink - and we became an official SWISS brand when I was 18 with headquarters in Switzerland. Before the recession occured, business was great, but we had these big companies telling us what our brand story is, telling us to be ultra niche brand and limit it to so many people.   Although I was flattered that my dads design with the 6 time zone was loved by many people. its never been my passion to leave people out. it was almost a bittersweet blessing that the economic crash occurred.  It forced us to rebrand and rebuild and become more approachable.

image of women wearing white shirt with a rope chain and chanel book and orange pants

Since taking over the company, I’ve learned a few major things that helped me shape the company to what it is today. With the rebrand, my goal has always been to encourage people and give them strength. Social media has made every industry heavily saturated. So a big question I get asked is - “how do I get people to notice me?”. With my personal IG page I’ve been able to connect with so many people on a personal level, with topics on my family life and my business life. My son survived leukemia. Through his story I connected with so many. Everyday people reached out to me and sending well wishes and prayers, but also saying relating to me and telling their own story of their health battles. I felt inspired to give back to the community and began Christian’s Toy Drive - yearly event where we collect toys and funds for children battling cancer in Armenia. 

With my clients, I want to feel what they are feeling when they put on something I’ve created. I know this sounds crazy but I always wonder about clients wearing our watches and what reactions they are getting when they try them on. I love being in the boutique and helping clients find the right style and seeing their first reaction is priceless.

We can sit here and talk for hours about how much I love jewelry and watches. But its more than that. My intention for IceLink isn’t just for my love and passion for jewelry and watches, it’s for creating with purpose and using my skill and craft to connect with others.

As a father daughter company, I grew up watching my father’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the company and felt the same energy he had.
When we rebranded, we wanted IceLink to be a welcoming, unique, and different brand. If you know the IceLink logo, it symbolizes that you can rise above it all. You can shift gears and welcome others.. Well today, I welcome you to the IceLink family. And if you run into my dad on the street and if he ever sees you wearing IceLink, don’t be alarmed when he stops and give you a hug. We are a huge family and to me, everyone who wears IceLink is a a part of mine.


Suzy Sogoyan


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