Fashion Link: Cozy Cabin Getaway Outfit Essentials

This winter, our vacation options are much more limited than they usually are. With coronavirus travel restrictions and social distancing guidelines still in place, jetting off and exploring the world isn’t really in the cards. However, there are still great getaway options you can take advantage of in winter 2021, including one of our favorites: the cozy cabin getaway.

A cabin getaway is the perfect way to relax and reset this winter. Taking a road trip to a cabin in the woods or mountains can help you get a much needed change of scenery, while also allowing you to recharge your batteries out in the beauty and seclusion of nature. 

If you want to make the most of this type of vacation, you should fully explore both aspects of the cabin getaway: supreme relaxation indoors and serene exploration outdoors. Packing the right clothes for these key cabin activities can seem a little tricky at first, since they call for such different gear. But if you know the right versatile, cabin-life-ready pieces to take, you can pack light and still end up with everything you need to relax, adventure outdoors, and look super chic.

Need a little inspo to get your cabin getaway suitcase started? Read on to discover our list of the top 10 cabin getaway outfit staples you should pack this winter. 

1. Puffer Vest

Image Courtesy of Free People

A puffer vest is an ideal winter-trip option, since it’ll keep you feeling warm and looking stylish, while also taking up less room in your suitcase than a big puffy jacket would. On top of that, puffer vests transition very well from outdoors to indoors, since they’re not too bulky to keep wearing over a long-sleeve shirt while lounging around. This makes puffer vests practical, versatile, and cute-- what’s not to love?


2. Baseball Hat

Image Courtesy of Burberry

Whether you call it a baseball hat or a dad hat, you’ll be glad you brought this sporty accessory with you to your cabin getaway. When you’re exploring the great outdoors, the elements can be unpredictable. But a baseball hat is a practical and on-trend way to protect yourself from these elements. A baseball hat can keep your tresses away from hairstyle-ruining wind, rain, or snow, and, unlike a beanie, it can also shield your eyes from the sun.


 3. Shearling Jacket

Image Courtesy of Sam Edelman

The shearling jacket is a timeless staple piece that has had a major revival in recent years. Classic shearling jackets, which feature fuzzy shearling lining and leather or suede exteriors, are trending, as are more modern options. Stores are stocking a wide range of shearling jackets to suit every taste, including brightly colored shearling jackets, coats with shearling exteriors and expertly placed leather accents, and vegan shearling coats.

You can choose to go classic or modern with your shearling, but either way it couldn’t be easier to style this cabin-ready outerwear. A shearling jacket looks right at home with virtually everything you could throw it on top of, whether you’re rocking leggings, jeans, or a dress.


 4. Chunky Knit Sweater

Image Courtesy of Free People

A cabin getaway offers the perfect opportunity to wrap yourself up in one of this season's ultra-trendy chunky knit sweaters. Whether you opt for a casual-cool oversized knit pullover, a fun chunky cardigan, or a classy fitted knit, you’ll be feeling comfy and cute everywhere you go.

Bringing a chunky knit along with you also adds tons of versatility to your log cabin wardrobe-- this may just be the most versatile piece on our list. A chunky knit sweater can be worn with sweats, leggings, jeans, a dress, a winter jacket, a puffer vest, and basically any other piece you can imagine.


 5. Neutral Toned Sneakers

Image Courtesy of Journeys

Sneakers are a must-bring item if you want to explore the outdoors on your cabin vacation. Sneakers look good with most outdoorsy outfits, so they’re not necessarily hard to style. However, if you want to feel extra stylish while out in the woods on your cabin trip, consider rocking a sneaker in a trendy neutral tone. White, off-white, beige, tan, pastel pink, and gray sneakers will all add an on-trend edge to your look this winter.


6. Matching Sweat Set 

Image Courtesy of ASOS

Matching sweat sets have been a top trend in the comfort-forward COVID-19 era. That’s because rocking a matching sweat set provides all the coziness of pajamas, while simultaneously looking quite a bit more put together.

There are many sweat set options you can throw in your cabin vacation getaway bag, but a knit set would be our top choice. A sweat set made of a knit will drape beautifully and look more upscale than a standard hoodie and sweat combo. A knit sweat set can also amp up the versatility of your vacation capsule wardrobe, since each piece will look fantastic when mixed with other casual wear. 


7. Teddy Coat

Image Courtesy of J.Crew

The teddy coat has been one of the top winter trends for several years running. This year, the popularity of this plush outerwear piece is still going strong, so much so that there are plenty of teddy coat variations for you to choose from. You can go with a classic teddy-bear-brown knee length option. Or, you can opt for a trendy hip-grazing style in brown, tan, white, or black.

Teddy coats in all colors and lengths will pair well with leggings, sweats, jeans, and dresses. But note that because teddy coats are so visually domineering, you may want to pair yours with more simple and neutral-toned pieces to ensure a chic look.


8. Leggings

Image Courtesy of Beyond Yoga

Leggings are a staple of lounge wear, hiking wear, and travel wear, making them a must-bring item for your cabin vacation. To get the most wear out of your leggings on your vacay, bring your favorite neutral toned pair and experiment with styling different outfit ideas. You can style leggings with sneakers and a puffer vest for a flattering outdoorsy look, pair your leggings with an oversized knit sweater for a super cute lounge look, let your leggings be a neutral backdrop for a bold coat, and much more.


9. Chunky Boots

Image Courtesy of Dr. Martens

If you’re looking for some cabin vacay footwear that’s a bit more style-forward than a pair of sneakers or uggs, look no further than the chunky boot. The thick and sturdy soles of a chunky boot will help you explore the outdoors with ease, while also adding tons of attitude to any outfit.


10. Flannel Shirt

Image Courtesy of R13

A list of cabin outfit staples wouldn’t be complete without flannel. This timeless American classic is the ultimate casual layering piece. A button up flannel shirt is a building block that you can use in virtually any casual outfit, whether you’re rocking workout gear, a dress, or a t-shirt and jeans.

When picking out a flannel to put on your packing list, you don’t really need to think about what you’ll style it with. Instead, it’s more important to consider what element you want your plaid shirt to bring to the table. If you want to keep your winter outfits more classic, go with a traditional plaid flannel in red, navy, or forest green. Alternatively, if you want to add some color or energy to your looks, go with a more unique flannel in mint, lilac, pink, yellow, or another fun color that speaks to you.

If you’re on the hunt for a new flannel to take on your trip, remember that you don’t have to limit yourself to the women’s clothing section. You can more than double your options by expanding your sights to include the men’s section, where you’ll find tons of solid and plaid flannels that can give you an on-trend oversized look.