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Style Link: Onyx Collection

 August 19, 2021

By: Sophia Chorbajian

When it comes to accessorizing, finding jewelry that makes you look and feel great is the key.  With an association to good fortune, happiness, and strength, the Onyx stone does just that! 

Our Onyx Collection is stylish, versatile, and easy to incorporate into any look you’re wearing, making it the perfect way to rock this stone. Either style them alone or pair them with your favorite jewelry pieces to accessorize in your own authentic style and attract great energy!

See how we have styled our Onyx pieces below:

image of a cortina watch and rings


1. 14K Eternity Band with Gemstones

2. Our new Black Onyx Ring

3. Gold Cuban Ring

4. Two-tone Cortina Watch

Above we have styled the new Black Onyx Ring with our signature Icelink rings, for a chic gold moment. To complete the look we've paired the rings with our Two-tone Cortina Watch. This look is very versatile and can be changed to include your favorites from your jewelry collection.

image of a paperclip necklace and armenian initial onyx necklace


1. Angie Paperclip Necklace

2. Onyx Armenian Initial Necklace

Here we stacked our new Onyx Armenian Initial Necklace with our Angie Paperclip Necklace for a simple yet elevated look. Rocking an Initial Necklace is the perfect way to give a personalized touch to your outfit. The differing lengths of the necklaces allows both pieces to stand out but also compliment one another, which is the key to the perfect stack.

image of the onyx cross


1. Onyx Cross Necklace

This Onyx Cross Necklace is a great piece that you can wear by itself or paired with other necklaces. With so much versatility in it's styling, it is easy to wear this piece for a bold or casual look. Simply add more accessories for a night out or tone it down with minimal jewelry to highlight your Onyx Cross Necklace.


image of a women wearing black silk dress with the onyx cuban necklace

1. Onyx Cuban Choker

2. Onyx Cuban Bracelet

Rocking our Onyx Cuban pieces will give you a sultry, sophisticated, and elegant look. A perfect addition to any outfit, these pieces will elevate any simple look that just needs a little bit of sparkle. Keep your other accessories minimal like the look above or be bold and style with more statement jewelry; the options are endless!

Anyway that you wear these pieces, the Onyx stone will keep you protected in style. Be sure to tag us so we see how you styled your Icelink Onyx pieces! #ilfam


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