Best known for its edgy jewelry and timepieces, IceLink has been a true toy for the millionaire. The famous “6Timezone” watch is the furthest thing from a rational explanation. In an era in which connected devices are winning a lot of consumer appeal, IceLink alternatively digs its feet in the sand with the stylish and unique 6-Zoned Watch. This patented design, already adopted around the world as “the IceLink,” was the birth of what would later become the company’s signature and iconic timepiece.

Now, IceLink releases its iconic timepiece in a way that will be available to everyone; The Generation 6TZ series. The transition of the brand from one generation to the next highlights the dawn of the company’s rebirth in ‘bringing fun to luxury’. With the rising of a digital age, one that is global, social, and connected, IceLink is going to wow the market with its first version in the start of the Generation 6TZ series, now with 5ATM water resistance; so you’ve got nothing to worry about when you take a dip in the pool or in case of a sudden champagne shower!

Looking to read your email on your wrist? Then IceLink watches are not for you. IceLink screams that its wearers believe that life is about enjoying the little things as well as the luxuries that life has to offer without the stresses that come along with the “internet of things.” Drop your phone, kick your feet up, and enjoy life.

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